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About Me
I have 16 years of extensive experience working with patients who struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, career development, identity confusion and LGBTQ issues. I work well with survivors of trauma (physical, sexual, emotional) and with clients who have physical symptoms (headaches, sleep disturbance, digestive problems, muscle tension) that are connected to psychological processes (stress, anger, worry, dissociation).

In addition to psychotherapy, I teach and practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques and use EMDR (eye movement or other bilateral stimulation) as needed. I am at times directive in my sessions, helping to guide the process towards healing. But, I also believe, while I might have the expertise in psychotherapeutic treatment, you are the expert on you. Therefore, I consider this work a collaborative endeavor.

My patients have described me as warm, genuine, honest, patient, insightful and present

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